Project as an unique service

by Matjaž Mozetič

Project as an unique service rather than as an unique product

The definition of what a project is often refers to “unique” products. However, the interpretation of that definition can be misleading. We cannot exclude the serial production. The actual product is the fulfillment of a need, order, idea. Since every request, need, order, contract, idea is kind of unique, we could consider every product as actually unique. A product can be an item, a service or a combination of both – but if we look at the whole market chain (from the demand to the supply) we can see, that is always a combination of both. Always!

project workflowA product or service may be unique even if the category to which it belongs is large. For example, although several residential complexes have been built in the past, creation of a new house will be a project because each facility can have elements such as a unique – location, customized or adapted design, regionally available resources, and/or discrete owners.

*** As defined by PMI®

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