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Project as an unique service

by Matjaž Mozetič

Project as an unique service rather than as an unique product

The definition of what a project is often refers to “unique” products. However, the interpretation of that definition can be misleading. We cannot exclude the serial production. The actual product is the fulfillment of a need, order, idea. Since every request, need, order, contract, idea is kind of unique, we could consider every product as actually unique. A product can be an item, a service or a combination of both – but if we look at the whole market chain (from the demand to the supply) we can see, that is always a combination of both. Always!

Work Breakdown Structure – project classes and sub-projects

by Matjaž Mozetič
When we talk about what is the difference between sub-projects and work packages, we're talking about two different views of the same thing. Basically, a sub-project is any project, that is a child of (subordinate to) another project - we're talking about the position in the project hierarchy. Work packages on the other hand refers to work breakdown structure elements classes (in descriptive manner).